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I'm thinking about what's next

I've spent the last few weeks like most people thinking about what the new world is going to look like and how we will enjoy the face to face contact we so valued in the past. Although I work in isolation quite a lot, I am missing the freedom to enjoy my downtime at the local market or meet friends for brunch and sometimes grumbling at the long queues we all face for the supermarket.

HM Queen Elizabeth II tells us "we will meet again" and I'm looking forward to a time when we will be able to see friends and colleagues in their own venues and hometowns enjoying the hospitality that has come to represent the event industry. I've read some of the expert articles which indicate that we will all be working in our homes and face to face meetings will be a thing of the past. Online meetings are great for any number of reasons and the have helped us all keep in touch but I miss the things that they can't replace like an impromptu catch up on a stand that's not always 100% business talk or a glass of fizz at the end of a long day with a friend not seen for a while.

We have to keep safe and respect everyone else's safety but I'm hoping that soon we will be seeing friends and colleagues again face to face - even it means wearing a mask.

Hope to see you soon and if you need any help with your kickstart give us a call. We're happy to help with projects from 1 day to whatever you need!

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